DJ Impact,Jupji Singh,DJ Ramping,Hardeep Sandhu,Ricky Desai,DJ Scoop,DJ Dholi Raja,Raheel Mohammad
Houston (Texas)
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Ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourself for the non-stop Bhangra party known as the VIP Experience produced by the mix tape kings from North America, DBI - Dhol Beat International. 

DBI has been involved in the Bhangra scene for over 10 years and has created a signature sound that has kept dance floors rocking with hard hitting dhol beats. 

DBI has had unprecedented success with the release of various Bhangra mix tapes over the years and have established themselves as the top Bhangra group hailing from the United States. After linking up with VIP Records in 2011, the combination of the record labels wide array of Bhangra hits and DBI's seamless mixing style seemed like a match made in Bhangra heaven. 

With over 30 tracks, The VIP Experience will showcase some of the biggest hits from the VIP Records collection including various classic hits from years past to the latest tracks making noise in the industry today! 

Not only do you get a non-stop mix of classic party anthems, within the mix you will also find 4 original tracks produced by DBI including the first single release from this album "NI Udaleh" featuring Amar Sandhu which was featured on the BBC download charts and sparked a fire on dance floors all over. 3 other original tracks include a dedication track to the legendary Kuldip Manak featuring vocals by Saini Surinder, a club banging global anthem by Labh Janjua, and a duet track that is set to release as the 2nd single from the album by Kaka Bhaniawala and Harleen Akhtar. 

DJ Impact of DBI states, "provided this opportunity to showcase our talents working with a UK based record label, we realize not many North American artists are given this chance. We do not take this opportunity lightly and have ensured that all our fans, new and old, will be blown away by our original production and new style of mixing along with explosive beats. We have a lot to prove and this album is the proof of our efforts!"