Harsh K P
May 06
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HarmoRush aspires to build dance grooves and he tells stories with harmonically, atmospheric melodies that would stir up emotions of nostalgia.... sounds that will energize and transport you to another surreal, beautiful world. HarmoRush(Harsh K P) is an Indian House and Trance Producer, DJ and Remixer of today's dance Music. He plays and feels each piece of Music with his whole being and constantly creates amazing Musical compilations.

HarmoRush started off doing a hobby that he was most passionate about. His devotion and skills grew over time. HarmoRush started DJ-ing in 2009. He felt so inspired and working at each gig, uplifted him time and time again with incredible energy that urged him to create and produce his own compositions. 

His Dad was the drummer of a band, so he grew up in a Musical family. His Father's style of playing many different percussion instruments, encouraged HarmoRush and he learned this artform from a very young age, because small beginnings always make for greater ends. HarmoRush is constantly being inspired by the greatest Trance Music Producers in the world, like: Armin Van Buuren, Omnia, Jorn Van Dynhoven and Orjen Nilsen. HarmoRush creates soft Musical grooves with warm basslines, memorable artistic melodies (some with a melancholic touch), yet he also provides punchy kicks which has the ability to hypnotize and carry one to another dimension.

Harmorush  remixes worldwide tracks and releases mixes and Podcasts. He also constantly works on his own mixes and tracks for international record companies. After spending many years behind his desktop in a home studio, he started to play at nightclubs, bars, lounges and EDM festivals like Holi Trance Party (India). After shaping the sound from his home studio, he started to transfer his hypnotic grooves to the DJ deck. Whenever he travels, he always keeps his compilations ready and on cue. Whenever he doesn't perform, he spends 8 to 12 hours in his home studio, developing new compositions for his fans. He always stays in connection with his friends and fellow artists on social media. He is a restless, energetic artist with flexible time and he is always on the go. He loves to work and perform with other artists. HarmoRush's busy schedule emphasizes his growing status.

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