Naveen Kumar Dwivedi
November 16
Bhopal (India)
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Began my DJing career at the age of 8 years my brother is the one who helped me hone my skills in DJing which was followed by my training.

DJ NKD is a House DJ, Producer and Remixer from Bhopal with excellent credentials. His successful DJ career has seen his play in some of the most prestigious clubs in India and around India consistently wowing crowds with her technically brilliant, distinctly unique mixing style and energy behind the decks. He has surely been the the guy on a mission to make his mark on the music scene that he has covered more ground than many of his peers in a very short span of time .He has an impressive list of remixes he has been producing for more than 7 year now.His successful Bollywood remixes has been riding high in clubs across India and around India along with most being tagged.His skills and creativity with music production has been a catch and is an add on to her DJing skills n so has brought her acclaim in the music business. Music has always been her biggest passion.