April 13
Mumbai (India)
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In the field of Dj'ing/Remixing /programing one of the known name is DJ VYAS residing at Surat,Gujarat . He started his musical journey at a young age of 16 in famous club called dumas resort in Surat(Gujarat). Though he belongs to a very conventional and conservative family he has been very unconventional and enthusiastic and has bent the rules with his talent and free spirited attitude. His sound transcends various genres of music such as flirting with bollywood and Electro/Progressive house music and is popularly known for changing his music style to stand and adapt the need of the time, which has ensured a steady growth in his popularity and carrier.

In an industry – Gujarat, more so - where most DJs come from all over india, DJ VYAS aka Dry State has repeatedly proven his worth both as an intelligent and professional disc jockey by threefold: honing crucial skills to keep the clientele in-house, interested and involved; maintaining an impressive arsenal of a music library, complete with remixes, new artists; and constantly re-inventing formats and concepts by way of an ever-changing direction of music style and experience with a wide-ranging client demographic.

Behind the decks DJ VYAS aka Dry State never fails to deliver. His exceptional technical skills, variety of music, distinguished looks and that added personal touch make him stand out.

These days he’s bringing it to the masses, with performances allover the state. DJ VYAS aka Dry State is a preferred vendor of many elite event planners and Party Planners in Gujarat.

Many DJs today know their own musical style inside out and back to front. They can weave absolutely seamlessly between tracks, and technically have skills to blow you away. But what about the huge mass of music that gets left out?

This made DJ VYAS what he is today.

DJ VYAS always believed that you learn a lot about people when you listen to the songs that mean something to them. Think again, as this is something we have to admit!

Having shared console with big names in Indian Dj industry Dj Carlotta (Kolkotta), Dj Reme(Bollywood Retro King), Dj Suketu(Bollywood no.1), Dj Lloyed(Bombay Bounce),Mc bob(Bollywood Raper), Dj Rink, Dj Hi2 (DMC Winner) and also many More...DJ VYAS got the credit he deserved. Known for his authentic compositions of synths and beats, DJ VYAS introduced to the industry what potential electronic music has, and can have in the coming times.

About His Past Experience DJ VYAS was a resident DJ in many clubs such as club Dumas Resort(Surat), Occasion Hall (Valentine Multiplex Surat), Royal Resort (Surat), Oyster(pearl) Surat, Blackjack Club, Celebration, Breadliner Base-ment club and many more.

He has been playing since he was barely trained. He grew up in a profoundly musical Household. He is a completely self-taught DJ, updating himself with necessary gears by self earning. He had also been playing in many named colleges, private functions, Farm house Party's, Resorts and in typical big fat indian weddings in many cities like North gujarat, Surat, Baroda, Ahmedabad, Rajsthan, Silvaasa, Daman, etc...

He started his carrier as very low profiled DJ by collaborating himself with the local sound providers and for a year he learnt by them how to play consoles. Though he has been Dj’ing since last few years he have earned a good name n reputation in society.

Improving his skills slowly and gradually, and is actually known for making the crowd groove on his beats of remix ,bollywood commercial, house commercial,electro house, progressive house, hip-hop, trap, trance commercial, bhangra and the list goes on.

At present, DJ VYAS not only remixes and produces electronic music thousands of people are fans of, but he also teaches other aspiring Djs the right tools to be among the best. Please visit his creations because DJ VYAS'S Music expresses which cannot be said and what is impossible to keep silent.

Music is what he breathes , eats and sleeps and he goal is to make the whole world move to he beats one day.