Ganesh Hegde
June 14
Udupi (Karnataka)
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G - H K Is a polished producer from india! Well known for his creativeness in music! He's also famous for discovery of new music & sound's. He Started production at the age of 13 without knowing noting in Music! He say's Ge Followed Musicians which helped to go deep into music him much and he's Friend's helped him for learning some thing about music! He motivated when he put a demo of his project on a group no one appreciate it all started making fun of him without hearing it just because G - H K Created It , He settled that day only he'll called as G - H K From People! Now he showed them what is G - H K. He always used to say that he's parents support him in all his work :-)

Now he's been working as Music Producer DJ Composer & Settled His Own Music Production House In Karnataka! And showed his talents in music.