Machayenge Emiway Bantai (Remix) - DJ Yash | DJHungama | Tony James | Sam Mohan | Beachy Vibes Remix

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DJHungama Presents Machayenge Emiway Bantai (Remix) - DJ Yash, Watch Full Video Remix of Machayenge Emiway Bantai (Remix). "Machayenge Emiway Bantai (Remix)" full song from The Hindi Rap Singles features Emiway Bantai. This remix track is also available for download only on DJHungama. You can download Machayenge Emiway Bantai (Remix) Exclusive From, Machayenge Emiway Bantai (Remix) song credits Music- Tony James | Director/dop - Sam Mohan | Producer - Emiway | Executive producer - Kalpana kumar | Edit/grade - NItin Verma | Line producer / Artist manager - Kshitij Nilkanth | Director Assistant - Abhishek Srivastava | Gimbal tech - Tapan Karmakar | Production Assistant - Minta & Sumit Singh. DJ Yash made this remix in genre of Club Remix. And also you can find more remix/cover/original collections of DJ Yash on DJHungama.