Anil M Chainani
January 03
Kolhapur (Maharashtra) India
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Many DJs today know their own musical style inside out and back to front. They can weave absolutely

seamlessly between tracks, and technically have skills to blow you away. But what about the huge mass

of music that gets left out?

This made Dj lemon what he is today.

Dj lemon always believed that you learn a lot about people when you listen to the songs that mean

something to them. Think again, as this is something we have to admit!

Having shared console with big names in Indian Dj industry. Dj Lemon got the credit he deserved.

Known for his authentic compositions of synths and beats, Dj Lemon introduced to the industry what

potential electronic music has, and can have in the coming times.

Although his first love being electronic music, Dj Lemon also realised that if you like different styles

of music, chances are your audience do, too. Therefore, he mastered himself in music ranging from

commercial club bollywood to deep and progressive house.

Dj Lemon is one of the few in India who boasts himself of creating his own compositions in remixing, thus,

giving an all new dimension to remixing/production.

At present, Dj Lemon not only remixes and produces electronic music thousands of people are fans of,

but he also teaches other aspiring Djs the right tools to be among the best.

Please visit his creations because Dj Lemon's Music expresses which cannot be said and what is

impossible to keep silent.